Go to the Start screen.
 Choose Apps.
 Choose Settings.
 Choose Data usage.
 If Mobile data is disabled, enable Mobile data and choose the back symbol.
 If Mobile data is enabled, choose the back symbol.
 Choose Mobile networks.
 Choose Access Point Names.
 Choose ADD.
 Under Name, enter eir Mobile data
 Under APN, enter data.myeirmobile.ie
 Under Proxy, enter nothing
 Under Port, enter nothing
 Under Username, enter nothing
 Under Password, enter nothing
 Scroll down.
 Under MCC, enter 353
 Under MNC, do nothing
 Under Authentication type, tick None.
 Choose APN type.
 If this screen appears, enter default,supl (note: in lower case) and choose OK.
 If this screen does not appear, tick Internet and choose OK.

5 thoughts on “GoMo Mobile Network Internet Settings”

  1. Hi my phone is looking for a MNC number , it was 03 with three. Should I delete the 03 please? Also under port I cannot enter nothing it will only accept numbers , any advice greatly appreciated, thank you

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Thanks for your query.
      It has to be left blank.
      If it’s still asking for MNC then Can you share your mobile brand and model number please?

    1. Hi Stan,

      Thanks for dropping your issue.

      Try just adding NAME and APN, leaving all other settings as it is, save the settings and see if it works.


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