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Technical Support Adviser

Salary: €25-35,000 + bonus (500$ per month) around €4-5,000 + benefits

Location: Dublin, East Point Business Park

Within the role, these will be the types of call you will have;

  1. Replace and Replenish: The customer will know what they want and just want to renew their subscription or service. The agent would accelerate the lead to a partner.
  2. Upgrade: The customer will have an existing product and want to renew and see what new products are available in its place. The agent would have to explain the variety of new options and how these would benefit the business. This would involve upselling of additional and complimentary products.
  3. Inform and Enlighten: Customers would call in to find out more about the range of products available – the agent would talk through the number of products offered and explain how these would benefit the customer’s business. The agent would again try to upsell complimentary and additional products.
  4. Optimize: The customer would call in with a complaint or dissatisfaction with a Cisco or Rival companies product. The Agent would empathize with the customer and identify the key problem. They would then offer a number of solutions to the problems with a number of different products and explain how exactly it would benefit the customer and solve their problem.


We have 100 vacant positions in Dublin. I am looking for people who fluent in English / Spanish / Portuguese / German / Swiss  German / Danish / Dutch / Finnish / Flemish / French / Polish / Hungarian / Slovak / Italian / Norwegian / Swedish / Arabic / Turkish / Russian.


Forward your CV to [email protected]

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