I’m writing this post to share a question that took birth on my mind when I was 14 years old.

This question is a question with no relation. It’s like Joining Darkness with Light which is not possible. Either darkness has to go or the Light.

But, as I was just a kid, being too close to Jesus, it just lighted up in me and I use to wonder “Why can’t we just pray for the root of all the evil. Why not?”

Haha! I think these kind of loving thoughts comes when you are too close to Him and you start copying His nature into your life one by one, Little by Little and you come up with love for your enemies. Even the BIGGEST one.

Yes! I’m talking about “satan” no capital “S” for satan. Lolss!!!

Furthermore, as in a family, if someone seems to be going away from God getting into bad stuff, we start praying for that person as a family and request all His servants, friends, relatives to pray for that person to be delivered by the Lord.

So we call him/her as a “bad guy or person”.

So, when a person turns bad like this, we pray for that person specially to convert him/her into a good person through our prayer efforts.

# Bad = Satan.

So, we pray for the bad to become good and prayer does really work in miraculous ways which we all have seen and heard.

So, my question is,

Why can’t we pray for the root of all these problems that is “satan” itself to become a good guy? 😀

Note: This is not a serious matter but is the question that has been born in me when I was like 13/14 years old and since then I was stepping back to ask it to someone.

Now, Just for the reaction and views of the people, I’ve served this question up in here! So have your views on it. 🙂

God bless!

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