Went to LIDL today (25/05/2019) and ended up buying a pack of tortilla wraps, which had already expired 2 days ago šŸ˜Æ(23/05/2019).

As I was in a rush going out, I quickly made myself 2 wraps, ate and rushed out. šŸƒ

When I came back home, while preparing a quick wrap dinner, I came across a mouldy section in the wrap and when checked the date, It was expired 2 days ago.šŸ˜¦

Well, Iā€™m not gonna make a big deal out of it šŸ˜Ž like others would do because mistakes happen… I will simply go to LIDL, and ask for replacement. āœŒ

Meanwhile, if anything happens to me after having consumed two wraps, LIDL is responsible for it. šŸ˜‚

Lesson of the day: Always check the expiry date in the shop itself. šŸ˜€

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